Insert internal link like Wordpress

(Sebastian) #1

Hope this hasn’t come up yet and I just haven’t figured out where.

I would absolutely love to see the linking functionality in Discourse work to some extent like Wordpress’, so it would let me do a find-as-I-type search for existing topics to quickly link those in a post. I use this several times a day, but it requires an additional browser tab to find the topics.

Here is a screenshot of how Wordpress does it


  • Encourage pointing to internal topics and thus reduce duplication, while increasing value of existing knowledge
  • Gain in productivity and usability
  • The basic technology is already there, in the find-as-you-type search

I am not a dev person so I can’t really judge how big of a headache this is, but just from a user perspective this would be a small but enormous help. Thanks for reading.

(Chris Saenz) #2

Discourse already works this way, but one step better. Rather than forcing you to switch between editing and searching links, you can be full on browsing the site, searching, reading old posts… while composing the new one. The compose window stays open no matter where you navigate. This means full access to the search and quote functions from across the site.

My workflow commonly involves quoting old posts, cross linking across topics, etc… Discourse does this amazingly well already.

(Sebastian) #3

Yes but I don’t think this is something I can teach the whole community or expect random new users to know that this is even on offer… it’s an invisible feature so to speak…

(Dean Taylor) #4

Relevant discussion here, but this time talking about auto-complete / mentioning:

(Jeff Atwood) #5