Mod approval to edit Full Name, or log/track Full Name changes?

I’m setting up a Discourse install that will is a forum for credentialed professionals. Each user will be verified, and can choose a username to their liking, but we’d like the full name in their profiles to match their credentials. Is there a way to require moderator approval for making changes to the full name field?

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This isnt possible right now.

Thank you. Is it possible to introduce a custom field in user profiles that would be able to be restricted from modification?

Edit: Never mind, I see that this is possible under Settings > Customize > User Fields

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Is it possible to set up a logging or notification system to staff when a user modifies their name?

You could configure a User Event webhook to point to a service outside of Discourse that sends you a notification when a user makes any changes from on their profile page. A service like Zapier could be useful for handling the webhook: Discourse Webhooks and Zapier.

WIth the webhook approach, it would take some work to be able to determine that the user’s name property was what had been changed - you’d need to compare the webhook’s payload against user data that you’ve saved to an external database. If, instead, all you needed to know was that the user’s profile was updated, processing the webhook would be straightforward to process.


Thanks very much for this suggestion. Managing an external database and programming a tool to make comparisons of that with a webhook payload is beyond level of skill at this point! But I hope your suggestion is useful for anyone else who wants to accomplish something similar, and who has the proper skills.

@simon, well I couldn’t resist, and I took your suggestion as a challenge to learn something new.

I set up a webhook receiver and data store on integromat. The data store contains pertinent user info as delivered by webhook (I didn’t have to import existing users, because this Discourse is not live yet).

Webhook header is checked for user_destroyed, user_created, and user_updated. Destroyed and created users are deleted and created accordingly in the data store.

For updated users, their name is looked up in the data store, then their record is updated, and if the previous name differs from the updated name, integromat adds a post to a staff-only topic in the form of

“Foo Bar (username: foobar) has changed their full name to Boo Far”

Thanks for your suggestion!