Feature : New Tag Group


We incorporate quite a lot of tag groups in our hosted solution.

Whenever I create a new Tag Group, it appears at the bottom of the list, which is where the browser’s scroll point is focused.

However, the form to actually enter the details for the new tag group is at the top of the page, meaning I need to scroll all the way to the top again.


When the new tag group is created, add it to the top of the list, thus no scrolling is required at all.


Automatically scroll back to the top of the page (I’m less keen on this)


Enable a “click” of the new tag group in the list to take you to the form at the top of the page. This behaviour would actually improve the editing of existing tag groups also, as the same scrolling back and forth is required for those also. The requirement to “click” for the user is a bit hidden though, not enitrely obvious.


Provide a short drop down menu, with a filterable search which could be used to enable editing, and have an alternate option for creating a new tag group - thus keeping the user at the top of the page all the time.

@neil is going to be working on tag stuff this quarter (I think). This might be something to add to that list.


There’s probably an existing UI that solves this already, maybe in admin? We can do the same.


That would be great - thank you in advance :slight_smile: