How do you navigate to the /tags list through the UI?

Before the redesigned sidebar the hamburger menu on the right had the options for Users, Groups, Tags, etc but now for the life of me I absolutely can’t figure out how to navigate to it from anywhere the main forum, admin panel, nothing. Obviously I can just type the url and access is, but it seems odd that there’s no way to actually get to it from within the site, so I feel like I have to just be blind and missing it

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You aren’t blind. This is a pure UX/UI-bug.

Groups, users etc are under more at the sidebar. But to get /tag you have to follow atleast one tag from your settings of sidebar.


I always use all tags


Interesting. On my forum tag-divider and all tags are shown only if there is a tag to follow. Otherwise it will disappear. I’m on week old version so could it be fixed not-so-long ago :thinking:

/tag should be under more as everything else, though.

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This is the same as mine, I’m not following any tags and thus don’t have any tag section at all on the sidebar. I’m current as of last night for updates I believe.


IMO, if I was looking for it the place I would look is in the “More” expandable category (which I did keep looking in) that now lists Groups, Users, Badges, etc as that’s where it was grouped with on the other side. I also would think that would be more relevant than a Badges category which I can’t imagine gets THAT much use, and can be accessed through the user card. Though I guess it could be argued there is a Tag category you can add something to have it in the main bar.

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This is still a problem. Even under the ‘More’ menu there’s no Tags option.

Will this be coming back?


I think this has been resolved now. :partying_face: As long as you set some default tags the ‘All tags’ option shows up in both the Sidebar and Header Dropdown menu versions:

all tags - sidebar all tags - header dropdpwn

And with the swish new ‘Customise Community Section’ ability you can even add one to the top list: :+1: