Feature request: cross-posting Twitter status to meta?


I posted a support question in the middle of some network issues, and would not have posted if I had known it was a known issue. In this case, the Twitter feed for Discourse had the latest, and I didn’t think to check it until someone pointed it out to me.

For other sites I’ll head to status.x.y when I need to know if there’s an outage. In our case, that points to meta.discourse.org. Unfortunately, in this case, that didn’t give me the status I needed. At the same time, I love that you have a responsive Twitter feed, and don’t want to discourage that.

So, I have a request that status get cross-posted to meta somehow when issues arise - perhaps as something pinned at the top of the support category. You don’t need to be worrying about notifying multiple channels while you’re fighting a problem, but hopefully your API and the Twitter API make it possible to cross-post without driving yourself batty.

Thanks for considering!

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Would not have worked in this case as meta was down as well due to the big DDoS attack.

Short of having a known place to go that is entirely off site, which is Twitter at the moment https://twitter.com/discourse – not sure.

We need more IP diversity as well so it is easier to respond to DDoS and we are working on that.