SEO Titling on Topics

I have searched for an answer to this but to no avail.

Is there any way to change the way Discourse creates the page title for a topic.

What is happening is that it correctly builds the page title using TOPIC+CATEGORY but then it adds the Site Title at the end so it’s doing TOPIC+CATEGORY+SITE-TITLE which ends up in a rather long page title that goes beyond the recommended limit for search engines.

It would be a nice option and result in cleaner looking SEO results if the page title were not so long on topics.

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I don’t agree with this, and I think it is bad advice.

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I shortened the site name which solved this for me.

But - that prevents you from optimising the site title for search engine ranking.

So long as the Site Title shows at the end of the title, it is fine. But even I would prefer it to be just the Topic+Category. May be a static forum name at the end of the title (optionally).

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I agree it would be nice to be able to customize this in settings, not everybody wants their SEO the same, we all have our own reasoning :grinning:

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