Filter for profanity in usernames?

Hello! I’ve been looking through posts on here but haven’t found an answer yet – does anyone know if it’s possible to block users from creating abusive/obscene usernames (i.e., usernames that contain a substring listed in a blacklist?) I’ve found posts relating to a profanity filter, but none related to usernames themselves. I’ve only been using discourse as a participant (as in, I have never tried to configure it myself) so this is all pretty new for me, but I’d love to contribute to the project if this is a feature that doesn’t exist and people would be open to it.

Never mind – found this: Feature Request: Making 'reserved usernames' check the censored and blocked words list


Search for reserved usernames in the settings. There you can set up a list and use a wildcard:

Usernames for which signup is not allowed. Wildcard symbol * can be used to match any character zero or more times.


Ah thank you!! That’s very helpful!

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