Is there a way to automatically lower a trust level

Is there any way to automatically lower a user’s trust level when they leave a group.

We have a patreon set up where users are sorted into the correct groups as they sign up via an invite. Everything is working fine there, when a user signs up, but we have recently had some users drop their patreon subscription but their discourse accounts stay active. Because of the way discourse permissions work we have to arrange board permissions via trust levels, so it would be really useful to be able to force a user who is not part of a patreon assigned group to drop to trust level 0.

Is this a thing that can be done automatically?

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I think the Trust Level is recalculated automatically once removed from a group that grants a higher one than they would have achieved normally.

However, you can use the groups you’ve created for these users within the category permissions themselves if that would be a better fit?


I’ll see if that works, thanks

However, you can use the groups you’ve created for these users within the category permissions themselves if that would be a better fit?

Unfortunately, because it’s impossible to block a particular group from seeing/using a category we’ve had to set things up to work through trust levels

Why not use the patreon group to control the categories that you want to control access to?

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We wanted to have people who were in a specific group excluded from seeing categories. I was told this is impossible, so we came up with using trust levels to manage it

Just create groups for users that you do want to see the categories.

If you want the user to see the category, put them in the group. If you don’t want the user to see the category, don’t put them in the group.

Nope, that won’t work for our use case. We have a group of users who have come through patreon and are sorted into the appropriate groups (and if we remove them, they keep getting re-added every time patreon updates) who we want to not be able to see certain categories on a case by case basis.

So they paid, but you want them not to be able to access some things unless they are also in a certain trust level?

Getting a little off topic I feel

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I think he is asking because he’s trying to help you find a workable solution for your situation.

Not knowing how your forum and patreon is setup, I couldn’t really offer much help beyond telling you that in my community’s case we use multiple groups based on our Patreon tiers to control access to multiple categories independently and that might be an option for you. It does take a bit of time and effort to setup though.


I think the original question was the opposite of that, seemed to be asking about people who cancelled paid patreon subscription or downgraded to a lower pay tier with that to be automatically shut out of the higher trust tier discourse group meant only for that higher pay tier.

I don’t have any answers about this, but seems like probably the system is not built for this specific kind of use. How much money someone is paying isn’t necessarily directly related to how trustworthy they may be.

I believe there is a built in system to lower someone’s trust tier from #3 to #2 based on some qualifications for that but don’t think there is anything automatic set up for the lower tiers.

“unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status

Exclude doesn’t exist, but why can’t you achieve the same result with explicit include permissions?

Trust levels aren’t a good solution here.

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That’s what happens. They are removed from the group. They pay, they are added to the group. They gain access. When they stop paying they are removed from the group. They lose access.

Perhaps. But most communities I’ve worked with give access to people who have paid money. If they are not trustworthy, they don’t belong in the community and maybe they get their money back and account revoked.