Feature Request: Prompt user for reason when deleting account

I’d like an option to prompt the user for a reason when they delete their account.
The admin/moderator could be PM’d or it could go into a queue someplace.
After the reviewing the reason, the admin should be able to respond to the user (perhaps they have misunderstood something or they need to cool off) and not delete their account, or delete them with one click and have the system notify them. Thanks!

Why? Self-delete of account is only offered as an option buried way way down at the bottom of the user profile page for users who have

  • 1 post or less


  • their account is less than a few days old

Why would a confirm and all that other complexity be needed in such a narrow set of circumstances?

I didn’t realize it was so narrowly restricted. I saw it in the sandbox.

I will be using my discourse site as a bulletin board (and then some) . We get a lot of users that use it for a while and then move on. I very much would like them to be able to delete themselves, even if they’ve been around for awhile, but I’d like know why they are leaving.

In that case, you want them to PM a staff member asking them to use the “Anonymize User” operation, which IIRC junks the email & login associations, and changes the username to a generic one.