Feature Request: Sponsored Posts

Ads are one way of earning but the communities shine where members can pay to show their posts as ads. Like on FB and Twitter, people can pay to show their posts as ads and this way the layout of the ads still show like the normal posts only.
All that makes the post different from normal posts is a small written message - “sponsored post” or “promoted post”.

In Discourse, the sponsored post can be shown after every 15 or 20 posts and in “suggested posts” after a complete topic. This way even is multiple people pay for sponsoring their posts then, also the list won’t be completely filled with them. But the user should also have the option to set the ad for a number of days and will also need some statistics to show to them. Although, I think a more solid plan can be curated by more experienced people in this community.

What do you guys think about this feature request?

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I think this is more of a plugin territory.

I’ve seen a plugin on Discourse when someone can sponsor a new topic that will be pinned for a few days. I’ll try to find it


Are you talking about the category? Because this is the first time I asked about a feature and I didn’t know which category to use.

@Falco thank you for the link. This plugin’s idea is good but this only pins the post to the top. Although, the idea is to show the post at multiple places rather than just at the top. Means, when a person is scrolling a list of posts then after every 15 or 20 posts he should see a “sponsored post”. That way even if multiple people pay for such ads then also the top of the list won’t be filled with just sponsored posts.

You can maybe fork that plugin and adapt it to your requirements. This definitely isn’t something that discourse may have natively.

Also, for the nth post, You can refer to

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Yeah I know that this idea is for a plugin only and not for Discourse core. Would like to see if someone can make a full fledged users ads system. Although, there’s no hurry for this, I was just putting forward an idea. :slight_smile:

If You really need it, maybe try posting in #marketplace