Feature suggestion: latest posts in realtime, in true push mode (for moderators only)


I would like to suggest a new feature:

a page where forum moderators can see the latest posts in realtime, in true push mode (similar to Twitterfall or to Facebook style).

Why? As a moderator, I find it quite time-consuming to click around posts, categories. Sometimes I would like to see the latest posts in a waterfall style in a page.

For instance, sometimes I work on my laptop, but I also help moderating a forum. So I work on the laptop and I open on a second wide monitor this page, where I add the posts.rss of the forum and I watch live posts and comments comming in:

To see what I mean, try adding to this page:

the RSS of this forum latest posts:

and see the live posts waterfall coming in :slight_smile:

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OK, so it seems you have the feature you need – just subscribe to posts RSS in your favorite reader?

Yes :slight_smile: can be an option, but then I don’t see the flags and posts needing approval :slight_smile:

I’m unclear how this is better or even different than simply visiting the forum and looking at the latest topics? In my experience it is very hard to judge a post in isolation outside the context of the larger topic stream it is in. Any given post is strongly related to the posts that come before it, and affects the posts that come after it.


Note … you also have:


Does this help?


This is a game changer for me! I can quickly review the latest comments to see if a comment is starting to go off the rails!

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