Moderator Tool - New Posts & Topics Feed

I think it would be a really nice feature for moderators to have a feed showing all new posts & topics (perhaps split into separate feeds) in order of creation (newest first). Displaying the full content of each entry like the review queue (unlike the public facing new topics filter).

This would make it easier to keep an overall eye on the latest posts and topics to check for content that does not comply with the rules. Allowing moderation actions to be taken directly from the feed.

I think this could significantly decrease the burden of moderation for active forums of all sizes. Particularly for monitoring new replies/posts (as opposed to new topics).

It would be a quick and efficient way to see all the new content without needing to navigate through a lot of threads to check the latest posts. Meaning that there would be less chance of non-compliant posts being overlooked while also being significantly faster, easier and efficient.

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How is /latest not doing that?


Mainly these:

Basically, imagine something like the review queue, but displaying all new replies in order of creation. /latest will show recently updated topics, but is not a list of the most recent replies.

Regarding topics, /latest is a list of topic titles with links to the topics, not a list of new topic posts in their entirety. The benefit for having topics in a feed like this wouldn’t be as significant as for new replies though, as mentioned in my post above.

For example, say there are 100 new replies inside 50 different threads that should be reviewed.

The difference in efficiency between having to navigate through each individual recently updated topic and scroll through them to check the latest replies compared to skimming through a linear list of the 100 new posts would be night and day, in my opinion.

Now imagine 1000 new replies in 500 different topics.

Hopefully that explains it a bit better.


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