Feedback on layout of new site


I just setup my 2nd site now, and just finished getting it up!

I’m looking for some feedback on it, so it lives here:
Any suggestions, such as topic templates, categories, themes, and plugins, are welcome and appreciated.

(I know about the SSL issues)

I’m working on getting landing pages working but that’s just my problem. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


This might be more of a general comment about the Discourse sidebar than about your site in particular. When there is no color contrast between the sidebar and the main part of the page, and especially when there is no option to switch color schemes on the site, the Keyboard Shortcuts section of the sidebar feels out of place. I wasn’t sure what it was for until I clicked on it:


Appears empty, but just created an account there

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It’s empty because I haven’t told the general targert audience of the forum

Just posted my first topic and reply in this forum.

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After some exploring, I already found an issue with this forum:

Some color scheme combinations are hard to read / or unreadable.

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