Feedback on new 🍔 and user menus

(Jonathan Pautsch) #142

I can think of three reasons just off the top of my head why a shortcut to messages is useful outside the scope of recent notifications:

  1. Returning to an already read private message to reference information it contains. e.g. “Oh hey what was that cool link that guy sent me that I didn’t have a chance to check out before.”
  2. Returning to an already read private message to make an additional reply. e.g. Bob and I have been chatting about this new game, I just now saw a news item on it so I want to message him about it, except I want to use the long conversation we’ve already been having instead of starting a new one.
  3. Sending a private message. Unless you happen to already be looking at their profile or a post they made so you can access their user card, the option to send a private message is fairly buried. First you have to go to your Profile, then scroll down, then click on Messages, then send a new message.

I think these are all legitimate use cases and don’t necessarily constitute “a bunch of private below the radar conversations,” i.e. they’re not automatically abuse of the system. There are real needs to use private messaging sometimes.

In any case, @sam 's latest changes using glyphs seem to solve the problem nicely.


What glyphs?
*sees glyphs*
Ah, those glyphs! Yes, that works :smile:

(Yamikuronue) #144

A fourth case: Often, the lack of response to an older message is what prompts me to send another PM to remind someone I’m still waiting for them. I get a lot of notifications, so often I have to dig through my PM list to find a week-old message.

That said, I’ve installed a userscript that pulls out my PMs to a separate glyph anyway. I’d be happy to get rid of it if there was an easier way in core, hence why I’m posting at all, but if not, I’ve got a solution that works(-ish) for me.

(Tobias Eigen) #145

I am feeling much happier about the changes as of Monday morning and am super appreciative of the work done over the weekend. I know this type of change takes some guts to make and it’s you showing these guts that makes me love you guys all the more.

Some smallish feedback:

  • Ten notifications is too many for my laptop - the “view older notifications” link at bottom disappears off the bottom, esp if some are for posts with longer titles that wrap to more than 3-4 lines. If there is no way to simply display as many notifications as possible on the screen (10 is too few for my desktop!), maybe this issue could be allieviated by supplementing the “view older notifications” link below with a notifications glyph at the top alongside the bookmarks, messaging and preferences glyph?
  • I also miss the logout link and am a bit confused about it being relegated to the profile page. It’s my not-so-tech-savvy members in cybercafes in Africa who need to find it easily or have their sessions expire, not the power users who might use keyboard shortcuts.

(Tadej Novak) #146

One issue I have on my iPhone, maybe it was mentioned already:
The hamburger menu is not fully scrollable here on meta on mobile. I can’t see the last 3 categories.

(Wes Osborn) #147

That discussion is here:

There are ways to put it back:

Is anyone else seeing alignment issues here (under the actual hamburger menu, not the new notification / profile menu):

Also, since those numbers represent new topics in those categories, should the color be blue to match with the indicator you’d see in the topic list?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #149

Does it sound like the same as this?

(Tadej Novak) #150

Yes, just that on iOS, I can’t even scroll to the bottom.

(Tobias Eigen) #151

I’m missing the ability to X out of menus, especially on mobile. On my discourse I have a custom menu above the discourse menu, which pushes the discourse menu down so it’s hidden behind the menus. If I scroll down it appears again and I am able to escape. phew

Even so, not sure if it’s intuitive enough that hitting ESC or selecting on the menu glyph or my avatar will close the menu again. Worth testing.

(Jeff Atwood) #152

Tapping any area that is not the panel will dismiss it, e.g. activate the panel then

Tap right here → × ←

(Geoff Forster) #153

Is it possible to make the blue notification number on the profile pic clickable?

Intuitively I always click on the number and not the pic …

(Tobias Eigen) #154

On my note 3 that is a sliver about a cm wide. Pressing there does nothing when the search panel and keyboard is open. The other two menu panels do close when I press there.

The x is a more reliable a way to x out of the panels, intuitive and universally understood.

(Chris Saenz) #155

Here’s a bug on mobile, affects all three menu buttons.

Repro: Tap menu twice to open/close. Menu icon stays highlighted. You have to tap elsewhere to deactivate it.

(Chris Saenz) #156

Also getting a scroll bar on the user notification menu now. Only scrolls a couple px.

(Tobias Eigen) #157

this appears to be related to the fact that 10 notifications are listed but the length of each notification is unpredictable, and we’re all on different sized screens. I’ve found that if a few notifications are very long and go over to 3 or 4 lines it ends up creating this extra pagination, and (worse) also hiding the “view older notifications…” and now the log out button at bottom.

The answer seems to be to show fewer notifications - maybe this could be an admin setting? Or perhaps limiting the length of each notification to x chars followed by ... ?


You can do the same on desktop by clicking the icons twice without moving the mouse. I’d say it not a bug, it’s simply where the focus is at that point in time.

(Chris Saenz) #159

Really? From here it seems like they only highlight on hover, and as soon as the mouse leaves it’s un-highlighted. On mobile you can scroll around, zoom… until you tap somewhere it stays highlighted.

Agree that the focus is why it’s still highlighted, but once the menu is closed it should un-focus on its own.

(Chris Saenz) #160

It’s only happening with the new logout button. If you turn that off, the scroll bar goes away, no matter the notification length. Guessing it’s a single line of CSS, if I can find it…

EDIT: thanks @cpradio, I’m using your fix from here:

(cpradio) #161

The padding on the logout link causes it, you can remove that, but then the alignment is off. Either way, this will eventually occur as any plugin that makes use of the outlet there will cause this behavior.

Some of that discussion exists at

(cpradio) #162

Keep in mind that won’t guarantee you don’t get a scrollbar. You may still get one if any of the notifications wrap to three lines, and you’ll definitely get it when 2 or more wrap to three lines.

It may be wiser to alter the panel-body height

.user-menu .menu-panel .panel-body { height: 500px; }