Files from user imports open glitched data files on iOS DiscourseHub


Download your user import.
Then, when you open the .zip file in DiscorseHub, the app will give garbled text:

I tried to repro, but I can’t “open” the zip file in Discourse Hub. It’s a link so it will be downloaded with my default browser.

Anyway, should it be opened as a text file, the “garbled text” would be normal as it’s not a text file but a compressed archive file.

Can you describe precisely the steps you follow?

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  1. Dowhnload the user import file in the settings of your userpage
  2. When the DM is sent, click on the download file.
  3. The app will read the file incorrectly and open it.

If these steps fail; than the forum might be a little outdated, like a month or two behind, but here is the site being tested: