Filter assigned topics by status

Assign has status, but how could I see status (in column or tag…)
Could I filter assign pm by status?

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Hi cmdntd :slight_smile:
Are you asking how to see the list of PMs assigned to a particular user?

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No, I want to see status info, like: request, pending, done… of assign pm
You could set their status, but where to see it in display?


I was having an explore of this and I’m not sure it’s possible in the UI. I think it should be possible in a data explorer query, though I haven’t tested that out yet.


I think it likes a lack of GUI in assign pm status
Anyway, I 'm not sure, so just ask about this
It seems better if discourse could be built to display more assign status info in pms, without other plugin or component

That could be great! +1 :slight_smile:

UI/UX is very important to make plugins really usable by our communities.

I mean, we already know how to use Query Explorer but people don’t and that limit the power of developments around here.

The same could be applied for Gamification or Tickets, just to say two very good projects that could pump their effective use cases.

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