What is advanced search magic filter to see assigned topics and messages?

I’d like to be able to filter results when on assigned messages and topic lists, to for example filter by one or more tags. I can’t help but think this used to be possible but I am having trouble with it now.

On my discourse, when looking at my own assigned list or assigned list for a colleague, selecting :mag: displays search with “Search posts by @tobiaseigen” tickbox. It would make more sense to see “Search assigned to @tobiaseigen”.

There is no UI on the advanced search to filter by “assigned to” but I think for sites that use the assigned plugin it would be hugely beneficial - is adding it on the roadmap somewhere?

While searching I came across an old topic about creating a help interface for “magic filters” for search - don’t know what happened to that idea but I think it would be a great idea! Or at least if there is a complete list of what is possible somewhere, I’d love to see it.

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Sadly we only have topic list custom filters here, nothing for search, not too hard to add though. Good feature request.