User icons in topic list should show user-filtered view of topic?

(Мария Сергеева) #1

I think that clicks on user icons and likes on a main page do not lead to logical pages. If I click on the title I go into a topic first post, if I click on a last date I go into a topic last post, but if I click on a user icon I go into a user page.

It seems more logical to go into the best of view mode when I click on the user icon on the main page and something like the best of view with only liked posts when I click on likes on the main page.

(James Milligan) #2

To me the logical action of clicking on a user’s pic is to go to their profile. I can imagine going to the topic page in a particular view may confuse some people.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

We do want a /top equivalent for the user page. Maybe in 1.5…