Filtering topic on posts from a group, in addition to existing single-user filter

Discourse provides a feature out of the box to filter a topic on a specific user:


However, sometimes you are not just interested to see the replies of a single person, but those of an entire group. On this meta forum, you might want to see a filtered list of all the responses from the team group when reading through a longer feature request / bug report, or an announcement, for example.

On our own forum instance, we also put out announcements for new features and upcoming changes often, and due to the fact that we have a very large community, the staff responses are often hard to find back among the replies of other users. Since our staff group has a couple of hundred users, the way of filtering a topic on just one specific user isn’t really convenient for our users, since they don’t know which admin users actually responded to the topic and so they don’t know what to filter on. They would need to scroll through the entire topic. We do have a staff flair to make it easy to spot these responses, but sometimes our announcements can get up to a couple hundred posts long in a short time span.

It would be great if there was a way to filter on posts from a group, in a way that naturally extends the UX of the existing per-user filter.

The way I have in mind that this would work is that, when you click the group name / title on someone’s name, you get the popup of their primary group, and can then hit the filter button on that group card:

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