Advanced search filters: posts by group

In the advanced search filters, one option is to search using ‘posted by’ but this option doesn’t allow one to select posts from a certain group. For example, all posts from members in the trust_level_3 group.

I don’t think this is a feature nor is it technically a bug, so I’m posting it here as a feature request!



I think you can use group:GROUPNAME to search all the posts posted by a certain group?

The group_messages:GROUPNAME one is for searching group inboxes.


You’re awesome.
I was interested in this topic because I was pretty sure I had achieved search by group here one day, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it again :sweat_smile: I must have done it empirically…

The API doc doesn’t mention this query parameter. It might be nice to add it! :slight_smile:
It has been updated!


Thanks a lot! That’s very helpful!

While using the filter, I found out that I have users in other groups that I want to exclude. So I want the search to show from group A except those in group (staff) :grin:

I hope it works but if it doesn’t then I understand we probably need to use Data Explorer for this case :slight_smile: