Find Post of Topic I haven't Read or Seen

I’m trying to stay on top of all the posts and topics and am not able to find those I have not seen or read. I’ve read a lot of posts here and found nothing relating to what I’m looking for. I have no topics that are in black text, they are all grey. I have no posts with the blue dot next to them and yet I can’t find more. I know they exist since another moderator has more topics viewed and posts read than I do.


You mentioned that another mod has more topics viewed and posts read. Perhaps they are part of a hidden category? Or they might have viewed a topic or post before it got deleted by the OP.

That was a thought I had since I challenged my admins and moderators to find all the posts. I had the lead total until today and it’s suspicious. I looked in reports to find deleted posts and see no recent history of deleted posts. How can I find hidden categories?

Perhaps the administration team might have a hidden category for them (only accessible to Admins). Why don’t you ask them?

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We do have a couple that are for admins only. Since I’m an admin I see them as well.

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Are you the only one with this issue? All the other mods/staff have the same stats?

Yes, we are trying to find them all I just just found that they were hidden replies. Now I think I can find the rest thanks!

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