Some topics that are read, inluding one authored by me, are listed as unread by me

(Graham Perrin) #1

In views such as /latest I have two topics that inexplicably never become greyed out, no matter how many times I read each one carefully in its entirety:

The first example (uppermost in the screenshot above):

– just two posts, both by me. Why is the topic listed as if I have not read it? Any idea?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Deleted posts at the bottom cause this, and have for a long time.

(Graham Perrin) #3

Thanks. In the example above – second shot – I’m as sure as I can be (without becoming an administrator) that there was no third post, no deletion.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Are you an admin on the site, so you know for sure there’s no deleted post there at the bottom?

(Graham Perrin) #5

It’s the one and only topic that I published, nineteen hours ago, before retiring (yesterday) from administration. Previously in a private category (either our Staff area or Private lounge):

More than a month old, I have no recollection of contention – as far as I recall, zero response to the topic (neither a like, nor a dislike, in the weeks when it was available to local staff). I’ll be extremely surprised if any post was added then deleted. @simonv3 please, can you take a look? Thanks.

(Simon) #6

I’m not an admin on the site, so I can’t see if there are deleted posts (I’m assuming I could see those if I was an admin). Maybe ask Sean? I’m not sure if he’s on here, but you can probably ping him on the OSD forum to ask.

(Graham Perrin) #8

Something hidden, apparently, in one case.

Would that explain it?

From the POV of a basic user, it’s a little frustrating to have listings that do not go grey when expected – I do rely heavily, frequently,at a variety of forums, on the difference between black and grey.

(Just a little frustrating. Not enough to be an annoyance, I can learn to remember to ignore affected topics.)