Some topics that are read, inluding one authored by me, are listed as unread by me

In views such as /latest I have two topics that inexplicably never become greyed out, no matter how many times I read each one carefully in its entirety:

The first example (uppermost in the screenshot above):

– just two posts, both by me. Why is the topic listed as if I have not read it? Any idea?


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Deleted posts at the bottom cause this, and have for a long time.

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Thanks. In the example above – second shot – I’m as sure as I can be (without becoming an administrator) that there was no third post, no deletion.

Are you an admin on the site, so you know for sure there’s no deleted post there at the bottom?

It’s the one and only topic that I published, nineteen hours ago, before retiring (yesterday) from administration. Previously in a private category (either our Staff area or Private lounge):

More than a month old, I have no recollection of contention – as far as I recall, zero response to the topic (neither a like, nor a dislike, in the weeks when it was available to local staff). I’ll be extremely surprised if any post was added then deleted. @simonv3 please, can you take a look? Thanks.

I’m not an admin on the site, so I can’t see if there are deleted posts (I’m assuming I could see those if I was an admin). Maybe ask Sean? I’m not sure if he’s on here, but you can probably ping him on the OSD forum to ask.

Something hidden, apparently, in one case.

Would that explain it?

From the POV of a basic user, it’s a little frustrating to have listings that do not go grey when expected – I do rely heavily, frequently,at a variety of forums, on the difference between black and grey.

(Just a little frustrating. Not enough to be an annoyance, I can learn to remember to ignore affected topics.)


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