Find user's assignments (outside groups)

A topic came in that I assigned to Group1. Of the Group1 members, StaffA took it.

A second topic came in that looked very much like the same thing as the first topic. I was tempted to combine the two topics, but first I had to find the original. So I looked up StaffA’s user record to find it in his assignments.

Only… there’s no list on the user record of assignments. To find it, I have to go to the Group1 assignments list and filter by user StaffA.

So I got there in the end, but what if we weren’t using groups? There would have been no way to find it.

It seems reasonable to me that an admin should be able to see all a user’s assigned threads directly from the user page.

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Have you checked their activity tab?

Admins can see the assignments given to a user from the ‘assigned’ tab there:

It’s not the most obvious. I thought that clicking on any assignment would show all of those users’ assignments, but apparently I imagined it.

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For a minute I thought that was it @Stephen

[user lookup] → Show Public Profile → Activity → Assigned

It seemed a bit odd to me since assignments aren’t “publicly” visible in our instance, but okay.

… And then on closer inspection, I saw threads in “his” list that are assigned to his team not to him. In one of the team-assigned threads he’s @-ed (in a whisper), but the other looks totally random.

Do you have assign on mention turned on?

Could be that the query behind that assigned view needs to be reviewed again. Certainly sounds like it!

God forbid! (And my colleagues too! :laughing:)

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