Summarization of assignments in group

Discourse assign has a topic assignment feature which can be viewed in User → Activity → Assigned.

We are planning to add a feature to summarize all topics collectively assigned to the group. All topics assigned to the members of the group will be displayed together on the assignments tab in the group.

Here is the mockup by @awesomerobot

mockup discourse assign plugin

This feature will be useful for getting an overview of the group members’ assigned topics and reorganizing them.

I will be working on it over few weeks under the mentorship of @david and updates will be posted in the topic.


This functionality has been added to master, :heart_eyes:

The Assignments Tab will be viewed on the group (/g/:groupname) page and will be visible to staff, and anyone in the assign allowed groups setting.

Here are some screenshots:

Everyone tab shows assignments of all group members

username tab shows assignments of a single group member

Thankyou @david for being such a great mentor, helping and supporting me doing this task :smiley:

Future work:

  • We’re planning to add per-user assignment counts to the sidebar and sort the list in order of assignment count.