Random assignment in user list

Someone left the company recently & I thought (for the first time) to check his assignments. He had done a pretty good job of transferring his assignments before he left, so only one showed up:

The thing is, the thread that showed up in his list not only wasn’t assigned to him, but it had never been assigned to him and he’d never even participated in it.

He was in the team it’s currently assigned to, but that was his closest association to this thread.

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Huh, maybe that is a bug or someone did that by accident?

There’s no record in the thread of it ever having been assigned to that user, so I’m not sure how even “accident” explains this.

That may have been a server hiccup or some other kind of problem that caused that then.

If a group is assigned to a topic and he still belongs to the group, I think it would be expected that the assign would still show up there. Can you confirm he is no longer a member of that group?


He is still a member of the group.

Here’s the group’s assign list today:

And that user’s assignment list today is empty

So I guess this was a transient glitch, but what shows up as assigned is clearly flaky (and not in a buttery, good way. :frowning: )