Finding my own posts

I just found myself scrolling through a couple of pages of topics to find a post I created earlier this week. Then it crossed my mind - why am I doing this?

We have all sorts of ways to view topics (latest, new, top, categories, etc). But why not “My Posts” (or similar)? Or, maybe, “Watched” (since my posts will automatically be watched).

I am guessing there are other ways to get to this buried deep in the UX somewhere, but I am curious why this particular view isn’t given more prominence in the header, alongside the other views I mentioned. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you.

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Take a look at
You can also access that via your avatar in the top right corner and clicking on your username.


Thank you, Gerhard. I appreciate the prompt response. Though I certainly see this addresses the issue, it would be nice to be able to optionally “pin” this to the list of views (alongside latest, categories, etc) or - as an alternative - have a “Watched” view.

I certainly understand that might not be a widespread opinion, but it’s just something I wanted to throw out there.

Thank you again.

You could create a desktop shortcut to that list… it appears the URL would look something like this for you:

I was thinking about whether one could use the Custom Header Links component to put the link in your header, but to make it work for everyone that component would need to have the ability to inject the username… something like

which already works

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Good point, Keith. Thank you for the suggestion. That said, I do think this is an interesting use case and one that is not necessarily a corner case.

I have just launched my forum and I can see value in my users being able to quickly see their posts (or at least ones they have chosen to watch, which is probably a better approach, given that their own posts are in that anyway). It would be good “PR” for them to see that their watched posts are getting responses and are active, without the need for them to bookmark pages, etc (for my own audience - which is at the older end - many likely wouldn’t have any idea how to do that :)).

So, in a nutshell, I would personally like to be able to enable a “Watched” view for my users (I’d set this globally), alongside the others, conditionally displayed when that is > 0 for any particular user (like New).

Thank you again.

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You can already do this from your site settings. search for top menu and add to the list “posted” to see a new voice near latest, categories, etc.

In the same way you can add “bookmarks” with your watched (bookmarked) topics.


I think what you’re looking for already exists, in the site setting top_menu you can add posted which will add a pill called ‘My Posts’ which shows all the topics you have created, replied to or followed.

Edit: Dax just beat me to it :slight_smile:


Thank you both @Dax and @davidkingham. That looks like what I want and I appreciate.

The only small qualifier (not a big deal) is that I’d prefer an option for “Watched” rather than “Bookmarked”. My assumption here is that they are two different, though related, concepts (presumably where Watched is a superset of Bookmarked). Not sure if I have that right but I might choose to watch a topic that I don’t care to Bookmark, whereas if I bookmark a topic I assume it is watched automatically.

Not sure…off to read some more on these two terms :slight_smile:

Thank you both again.