Where can I see posts created by me?

I want to see topics as well as all replies created by me

Also, my posts somewhere on main page itself


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So, everytime a user has to go hamburger menu to go to “Activity” section?

Also, what would be the relative url for activity section?

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Can you help with this? I can add link using custom menu component for activity page

Thanks for help

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The part of the url after the main url should work I guess.

I tried. It’s not working. Using this m creating link- My activity in menu itself.

The URL is not working

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You’ll need to read the component’s page and ask the question there.

I got the answer from this user


Thanks for all the help

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However there is no need of a theme component, Discourse itself can create a “My Posts” button adding to the site setting top menu the posted entry:


Ohh, you are right.

But is it a good practice to use MY ACTIVITY link instead of posted?

Your advice please

It’s a good practice when you need to add a link to a custom code or to a topic (for example in a guide: “Go to your activity page to see X and Y…”), but if the button is already provided by default (it’s only disabled) why install a theme component that you don’t need?


You are awesome. Thanks

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