Firefox 55.0.3: issue when pasting paths from Windows

Copy and paste a path from Windows (at least on win 10) automatically opens the pop up for no authorized extensions:

Repro steps:

  1. Go to any folder of your pc

  2. Left-click on the path of the folder and choose “Copy address” (clicking on “Copy address as text” instead works)

  1. Paste the address on Discourse

  2. The pop up…pops up

Chrome works correctly with either “copy address” or “copy address as text”.

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No repro, I get




Oh you mean in Firefox only. This seems quite specific to a particular mixture of OS and browser and actions…

This is certainly a minor bug on Firefox but it is extremely annoying, especially when you forget it is there…
Tomorrow I will try to check if it happens even on Windows 7.


I checked on windows 7 and there are no problems. There is only a generic “copy” item and it works.

The problem occurs only by using Firefox on Win10.

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