Google Chrome Mac – Pasting Files Broken?

Hey Folks,

For years we’ve been able to paste files into the Discourse editor in Google Chrome and then later in Safari (when Apple finally came around).

Now it seems that Chrome and all other Chrome-based browsers have broken this feature.

Can someone confirm or suggest a fix?



EDIT: 2019/08/02 12:40 CDT -ccs

Images paste fine from the Mac Clipboard.

Image files, Zip files and other authorized file-types do not.

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Is this happening on this very site? (meta)

I am unable to repro on my copy of Chrome on the Mac. What are the exact repro steps.


  1. Create a zip file using the Bash zip command, or other tool.
  2. Select and copy the zip file in the Finder
  3. Create a topic or reply, and paste using ⌘Vj, or the menu Edit > Paste, into the edit area.
  4. Observe it pastes ONLY the file name, not the actual file.

Running Google Chrome 76.0.3809.87 (3809.87) on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave).
Also occurs on Brave Browser (67.123).

Sam, if it is working for you, what versions of Chrome and macOS are you running?

What I tested is

  • Take screenshot using skitch
  • Paste into composer

We did not have .zip as an authroized extension here, I just allowed it, can you retry? Also can you try with .txt file?

Thanks for the very quick response, Sam.

Unfortunately, no joy. Neither a .zip or a .txt will paste as a file.
Images paste fine.

While we’re talking may I ask a non-related question: When you cancel a post, and get the “Yes, Abandon” popup, is there a shortcut key that will press the “Abandon” button? Thanks.

Confirmed this only happens in Chrome… it works nicely in Safari. We will investigate.


tab to it then press space, this works for all web UI and I use it often.

I think that should fix it:


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