First mention badge granted for user when another user edits a wiki post

While testing this I discovered a bug. On my dev instance, my primary user (jomaxro) had never mentioned a user. One of my test users (jomaxro_test) mentioned themselves while editing a wiki post by jomaxro. jomaxro then received the ‘First Mention’ badge.


Was this a new mention they edited into the post?

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Yes it was. More specific repro steps:

  1. User A has never earned the ‘First Mention’ Badge.
  2. User A creates a post.
  3. User A’s post is made a wiki.
  4. User B edits the post and adds a mention.
  5. User A receives ‘First Mention’ Badge.

Maybe wiki-fied posts should be excluded from the consideration for first mention / first quote / first emoji / first anything else.