"First mention" badge not given when editing and mentioning someone on a first post

We recently received the following observation from one of our community. (slightly tweaked to make it more generic)

Here is an Observation for your notice:
Issue - Not getting ‘First Mention’ badge when you edit first post & mention someone

Steps to reproduce

  1. Post a reply to a thread
  2. Edit the reply and mention someone.

Actual - User does not get ‘First Mention’ badge. If user creates another post & mentions someone, then only gets a ‘First Mention’ badge
Expected- When a user is editing a post even then ‘First Mention’ badge be checked for

Is this a known issue, a design choice or something else?

Thanks for your help,

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There’s a daily backfill task that runs for badges, and I believe edits have to wait for that? so the badge won’t be awarded instantaneously on edit.


Great, thanks for the info, @awesomerobot.

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