First section of sidebar not shown to anons in chrome on OSX


See screenshots - on my OSX laptop using chrome, I do not see the first section of the sidebar when not logged in. I do not have a windows or android device so cannot speak to that experience, but I do note that in chrome on my iphone I do see the first section.

Repro Steps

  1. on OSX, open chrome in incognito mode or another chrome profile not logged into meta
  2. visit
  3. first section of sidebar is not shown.

In comparison, opening chrome on iOS or safari on OSX and do the same, and you will see the first section of sidebar.



Mac (desktop)



Additional Comments

Thank you!

While here, would it be possible/make sense to include the ABOUT link by default, not hidden behind …more?

Also, I find the little grey circle behind the sidebar distracting (appears behind the categories heading or announcements in the screenshots above). It makes me feel like something is wrong.