Five Discourse instances - one sign on?


Many thanks for making this wonderful piece of software, I am learning more about it daily and I hope to realise my dreams because of it.

I already have one instance of Discourse running and would like to eventually have 5.
If I wanted users to be able to sign-in to all 5 in one go, would I use the single sign-on service?

It is not something I understand, so I am just checking that it is possible and that I am looking down the correct road.

many thanks

Yes, SSO is what you’re after. One Discourse instance has all the accounts, and the others are configured to redirect users to that master instance to log on. The only caveat is that if a user is banned / locked out / deleted on the “master” Discourse, they won’t be able to login to any of the others, either.


Thank you for the reply Matt, that sounds great, do you know of any documentation I could work my way through?

Does the single sign on service happen on another domain, or does it all happen from the ‘master’ Discourse?

The topic you probably want is “Discourse as an SSO provider for a set of Discourse sites”.


Thank you for your time Matt, much appreciated.

@GSeven how’s your project going? Do you have 5 Discourse instances now? Did you get SSO working?