Fix Faraday Deprecations in Discourse API Gem

Continuing the discussion from GitHub so that we aren’t discussing things in an unrelated closed PR…


Sweet thanks for the PR. Those errors are related to a new faraday version. if you run bundle install you should get the new version, and see the errors. Would you like to make another PR for the Faraday fix?
I think all you will need to do is find all occurrences for Faraday::Error::ClientError and replace it with Faraday::ClientError


My faraday seems to be staying at 0.15.4, where I think gemlock has it. So I’m not able to reproduce the error locally. Should I bundle update faraday to bump the gemlock to 0.16.2 ?

The Gemfile.lock is in the .gitignore file, so you can just delete it and re-run bundle install.