Fixed version of chinese-share-link

(Suanfazu) #1

The plugins all did not work on my site suanfazu for days. Finally I found it’s because the chinse-share-link plugin is broken (by checking the chrome console output).

You could install the plugin manully:

./launcher ssh app
cd /var/www/discourse/plugins
git clone
cd /var/www/discourse
RAILS_ENV=production su discourse -c 'bundle exec rake assets:precompile'
./launcher restart app

(new to github fork, not know how to push this back to the origin source)

And I found there are lots of broken translations in Chinese versions. e.g.
on page Svm 之核函数 - 机器学习 - 算法组
there’s a broken translation “[zh_CN.undefined]”, which should be “Suggested Topics” in English.
Please fix it. Or let me know how to debug this issue and I will try to fix it.

By the way, what’s the tagging plugin is using? it looks good.

(jark) #2

I’m trying to fix the plugin , and find this.

Great Job! Make a pull request , and @fantasticfears will be very happy :smile:

Some people is suffering this

You can try this GitHub - wuchong/discourse-locale-override: Simple hack to override official translations files in Discourse and persist them between Docker rebuilds. , just fork one , and replace what you want , and use it like a plugin .

It is supported in core , not a plugin now .

(Erick Guan) #3

Whenever you want a solid translation, consider stable branch seriously. It updates per quarter, but it’s solid.

I am OK to add a beta branch for the plugin so you can checkout the beta branch when you installed beta Discourse.

(Suanfazu) #4

Many thanks.

I’ve created the pull request for chinese-share-link.