FKB Pro - Social theme

I’ve checked my update latest, but the category is still at left side.

I’ve applied the ‘Custom embedded replies (theme-component)’ to the ‘FKB Pro - Social themed’. It’s not bad on the desktop, but on mobile, the right comment column layout is quite narrow, and the ‘Jump to post’ icon is also attached to the bottom. As a result, the space on the left appears quite wide. Do you have any plans to arrange the thread and user icon on the left column part as far to the left as possible, and adjust the layout to balance it so that the comments can be seen a bit wider?

@Don I’ve stumbled into another minor conflict between FKB Pro and Discourse Custom Wizard


Thanks @Drew-ART, I removed the outline overrides. :+1: After update theme it should work.


If i wanted to add custom CSS to the theme, would i be right in thinking that the ‘settings editor’ is replacing the edit html/css button?

So where @Don’s CSS finishes:

	"setting": "dark_btn_hover",
	"value": "rgba(var(--primary-rgb),.1)"

I’d just carry on below like with something like this

data-category-id='offers' [
  .discourse-kanban-list {
	 width: 50%;

(one category only has two columns in its Kanban board and i want those to be wider, 50% of the space each)