Flag as Something Else, Easy Character Limit Bypass

When a user flags a post as Something else, they are required to enter an explanation as the post they are flagging does not fall under one of the usual categories for moderation.

As seen below, this text area requires at least 10 character.

Unlike most other input boxes, spaces count as a character in this box, allowing users to successfully flag posts with a ‘blank’ input box.

Take note of how the Message button is disabled in the first picture, but enabled in the second picture.

While I have not encountered many users using this as a bypass, it can still occur every once in a while.

It would be appreciated if this text area would require at least 1 character (other than a space) in order for its input to be valid.

Edit: Users abusing this bug is something I have to deal with, yes, but a character limit shouldn’t be easily bypassed by spaces. Why does every other input have minimum character validation that excludes input of only spaces?

This is a user behavior problem and not a software problem. If a user continues to abuse the flag system by sending flags like that, then that user should be banned/suspended.