Does anyone get notified when something is flagged?

I am looking at Discourse for a project, and was wondering if anyone does/can get an email when a post is flagged?

We would want to have staff emailed if an item is flagged so that they can intervene quickly (or not).

There is no option to do this now, it could get very loud on even moderately active forums.

Thanks Sam.

As an alternative, is there a screen that you can see all the flagged items on?

Doesn’t this work for you?

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Yes that would. We need a place for staff (when they are around) to see any posts that may have been flagged. In the early days we’d want to be quite active in keeping on top of any issues.

When stuff is flagged there is a big red number at the top of every page that all mods/admins can see.

OK, thanks. That makes sense as staff would (or should) be on the platform.

Like this:

It’s separate from the “normal” notification bubbles, so very easy to spot, in my experience.


If flags are unhandled for (n) hours then all the mods are emailed. You can control this setting via notify about flags after and it defaults to 48 hours.


Just to cofirm - this really emails the whole admin-moderation staff, and not just the administrator email address? I am asking since the item description (FI locale) suggest that only the admin email gets notified.

On our somewhat popular forum the notification “busyness” was never a issue, even though our old platform (SMF) sent them immediately. It was actually a good feature, since if a troll attacked the forum you wanted him banned quickly until things escalated further. Of course SMF does not have these cool flagging features of hiding and muting.

Reading through the code it looks like we only email SiteSetting.contact_email I think this is a bit odd and have actually seen this hurt us in a few spot.

@codinghorror I think we should change this to email all mods (not admins) … thoughts?

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I am no developer, but what about a PM to the whole staff, which should results in a PM notification email as well?

No matter what the implementation approach is, the whole team absolutely should be notified to ensure that someone is reached.

Yeah we can sort this out in a multitude of ways :blush: PM to @moderators is probably best (but that facility did not even exist when we first built this :baby_chick: )

Yeah group PM now that group PMs are a zillion times better that is clearly the way

Just did a test how the notification works, since I’ve never received any notification of flags.

Created a test post for the users to flag, which they did. The notification delay is set to 2 hours for unmanaged flags. Now 2h40min has passed and I am yet to see any notification anywhere. Even checked the mail server logs. Nothing has been sent.

No, nothing. So currently nobody gets notified of flags, outside the forum UI (burger menu).

Not historically true unless it’s a regression; I’ve gotten emails before. But it is probably to the main email address as Sam noted.

Does this depend on wheter admin/me or moderators are active on the board? No email was triggered for the flagged message, even though we waited over the threshold period without taking care of the flags.

This has been broken for ages. We don’t get many flagged posts but I’ve yet to see a notification email no matter how long you wait (e.g. overnight).


This should be accepted as a bug for 1.5, would you agree? @sam @codinghorror