Flag reason/s

Is it me or flag_reson and flag_reasons are all replaced with the full descriptive reason. i.e.:

{« off_topic »=>« Votre message a été signalé comme étant **hors sujet** : la communauté considère qu’il ne correspond pas au sujet en question qui est défini par son titre et son premier message. », « inappropriate »=>« Votre message a été signalé comme étant **répréhensible** : la communauté a estimé que son contenu était offensant, injurieux, violent ou qu’il enfreignait notre [charte communautaire](https://apqs.discourse.group/). », « spam »=>« Votre message a été signalé comme étant du **spam** : la communauté considère qu’il s’agit d’une publicité ou du contenu trop promotionnel au lieu d’être utile et pe...

I was thinking that flag_reason is replaced by the reason,
and flag_reasons was replaced by the descriptive list.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can you confirm what it is you are trying to do?

Below we see a set of flag_reasons:

These all relate to the various flag options:

The flag_reasons.<some_reason> strings make up part of the message that is sent to a user to let them know that their post was flagged/removed.

The flag_reasons.responder.<some_reason> makes up part of the message that is sent to users who responded to a flagged post that was removed. This feature was introduced in FEATURE: Notify responders of post removal by janzenisaac · Pull Request #15049 · discourse/discourse · GitHub and is default disabled. It can be enabled via the notify_users_after_responses_deleted_on_flagged_post site setting.

There are also a couple of flag_reason (no s) strings:

These are used in the reviewable descriptions of automatically flagged posts. The text is only ever shown to admins and moderators:


Thanks for your time Taylor.

Yes, and it works. But, the email is not well formatted. It includes all the flag reasons, unformatted (shown in my original post), instead of the flag reason selected by the moderator.

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Could you forward us a copy of the malformed email? Can you also tell us which email client were you or the user viewing the message with?


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I use Outlook, but honestly, I’m pretty sure that I have the wrong placeholder (flag_reason) in my template, or is replaced with the wrong content :

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