Flagged chat comments appearing oddly / not appearing in review queue

i am getting weird views in the review queue for flagged chat comments.
is there something supposed to be in the top left corner?

also sometimes i am getting this view of the same flag in reviewed or everything filter.

flags appear like that in safe mode too. then it seems to stay in that view whenever i go back to the review panel. i have to reload the browser to make it fix.


  1. flag chat comment
  2. go review and process it
  3. try to go view it again with reviewed/ everything filter
  4. go out and back to review queue

Chrome on Windows desktop and Safari iOS on iPad, both desktop and mobile view.


Hi @Lillinator

There is indeed something supposed to be there, similar to flagged posts. This should be fixed soon.

The other issue is a bit more abstract so no immediate solution there. Further investigation needed.

Thanks for the report!


Hi @Lillinator

Both issues should now be fixed. Can you still repro?

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it’s functioning as expected now and both issues seem to be fixed. great work as always team! :clap: thank you! :slight_smile:


Just to round it off, I’ll pop the fix in too: :slight_smile:


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