How to hide an individual post in a topic

This is probably extremely basic, but I can’t figure out how to do it - how do I (as an admin or moderator) hide a single post in a thread if it hasn’t been flagged?

I can see how to do it when responding to a flag in the back end and I can see how to hide the whole thread in the front end, but I can’t see a way to hide just one post in the thread from the front end.

Our community don’t always flag issues, or they might alert the moderators by email or private message rather than using the flag button.

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Just flag the post yourself :slight_smile:

I have tried that (using a moderator account), but it didn’t show up on the review page.

This following steps should immediately hide the post, as a mod or admin. You don’t sent it to the queue with the Take Action button.

As per the guide:

A post with 3 flags will be automatically hidden. Users may click-to-view the post.

  • A staff member can use the “Take Action” button, which will cause this to happen immediately.

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Click the trash can icon.


I completely forgot that trash actually ‘hides’ the post. What would be the difference between a hidden post due to a mod flag (which deletes the hidden post in 30 days and the trash can button?


Thank you! It wasn’t actually visible, but I did manage to figure out that I had removed it from the post menu.

I did this so that users can’t delete their own posts, without realising it removed it for moderators too.

Which I suppose means my follow-up question is: Can I make it so that users can’t delete their own posts? I have allowed them to edit their post for a limited number of minutes, but this seems a bit pointless if they can delete it at any time.

There is a max number of deletions per day setting, but it can’t be zero.

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Search site settings for “delete” and see delete user max post age and delete removed posts after