Flags, suspension, etc. counters missing from the profile page

  • Discourse running CDCK SaaS
  • FI locale in use, I have not checked other languages
  • Desktop view on latest Chrome (ChromeOS Flex Dev branch)

The counter numers have disappeared recently. Happens with all user profiles.


I can replicate this on my test site:

Seems to happen in at least Spanish as well:

Clicking on the text takes me to the correct list, but the counters are not visible.

The eg. flaggged-posts classes don’t seem to be present in the browser inspector for those locales?



I can also reproduce, this looks like a problem with the latest test-passed

(language: Chinese)


This seems to be related to

The translation keys have changed and are yet to be updated for all languages.
For example, instead of flagged_posts, it’s now flagged_posts.one or flagged_posts.other

I think that’s why it doesn’t default to English (or it might be the intended behavior :thinking:)

Unfortunately, updating the translations through the admin doesn’t seem to work.
We will have to wait for the translations to be updated.

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Ah, is that what it is? I wasn’t expecting a missing translation to do that.

I think Tuesday is translation day, so hopefully it will magically solve itself then. :crossed_fingers:


Just to loop back and tie this off - Translation Day did indeed fix this right up. :+1: :partying_face:


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