Flair Giveaways

I think Discourse should add an easy way to give flairs to people instead of adding people to groups. An example I won a flair giveaway and had to be added to a group to get it, but it would be nice if like TL3+ could give away flairs (not trust level flairs, but custom ones) to make it so Staff don’t have to clutter up groups to give people flairs. Thanks for reading.


hi @SalladShooter :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:

sounds like your forum is using flairs instead of badges. that’s not really what flairs are intended for.


Hey @Lilly!

We do have badges but we have some groups for different things and some people use the flairs. Like I said in the OP I entered a flair giveaway from one of the staff. Thanks anyways! Have a nice day!

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It doesn’t sound as though there’s anything to stop them manually granting badges instead then?


While we could grant a badge, that wouldn’t allow the user to use the badge as a flair, since that’s not possible.


we have sports pools on my forum and we have special avatar prizes for the winners. we have a graphic artist member who makes the avatars. winners are allowed to display it as their bragging right until the next pool. it’s pretty cool and the members love it.

just an alternative idea. :slight_smile:

@Lilly how is that accomplished? Have you set something up to do it?