Avatar Flair Image for automatic groups Staff, Moderators, Admin

After setting up a couple flair images


and setting as primary


I liked what I saw and made one for the Staff, only to find out I could not apply it, no setting for that.

Is it ruled out for sure or perhaps in the plans to add? I didn’t see any theme components related to mods, admin or staff either.

Thanks in advance.


Avatar Flairs can only be added to custom groups - it does not currently work with preset groups. You would need to add your staff into a custom group and add it there.

You however use a theme component such as below:


Thank you, would there be any harm in creating a custom staff group and then deleting the old one, function wise? I imagine I could hide the original from public view so its not an obvious duplicate but if theres no harm in removing… I don’t actually understand the staff group as it appears identical to admin

But don’t know. Thanks again!

Staff contains a list of all admin and moderators.

What I did was set up a seperate group to that called Team. When added to team they are automatically promoted to TL4 and given the flair. This also means they do not have to have access to the moderation or administration to have it.

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Sounds good, can give people an extra feeling of appreciation and not have them behind the wheel, I did bookmark that theme earlier, with that I can safely rename trust levels, correct? I would like trust level names to reflect board content, and maybe add a little flair :smile:


Hmm this is a decent idea @neil, should we make avatar flair work with built in trust groups?


Yes I think we should do it, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it.


I have been looking and I cannot see the Avatar Flair Image for the built-in groups.

I just wanted to add the avatar flair to the Staff group. Do I still have to duplicate this group to have the flair shown? Is there another advantage to creating a Team group with members of the Staff group other than adding flair to the avatar?


The advantages are that you can configure the group as you like, like any other custom group, nothing more, nothing less.


I have added a new group: Team

used our .png favicon (120x120) and linked to it and it seems that it reads the file


I have added some moderators to the new group but the flair is still not showing in their avatar (cards, posts…)
Is there anything else to set up?

Yes, make sure that on their user admin page, “team” is their primary group.



got it now :+1:

New in v2.7.0 beta 6 is the ability to add flair based on trust levels and staff privileges.

Primary groups will take precedence over automatic groups. Using the above examples, if a user uses “Super Friends” as their primary group, then they will have the heart flair. Otherwise, it will be based on their automatic groups in this order: admin, moderator, staff, highest trust level that grants flair.


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