Flat view of both topics and posts?

I’m not sure if this is plugin territory or even possible so I thought I’d ask before I try to dig into it–in theory would it be possible to collect both topics and replies to present on a group’s activity page or in /latest? I see in core that topics and replies use different templates so I’m not sure if it’s possible to pass a mixed collection of both into a view to present together.

Ideally what I’d like to do is build a theme component with a template to view /latest?status=watching with all topics and replies from watched topics/categories mixed together in a chronological stream, or else get the “firehose” view of everything on the site when viewing /g/trust_level_0/activity and use a theme component to suppress topics and posts from muted categories and topics. The platform my community is migrating from has such a flat view now and Discourse’s lack of it has been a major argument against the move because it allows for serendipity in a smaller community like ours.