Flickr embeds / oneboxes not working correctly

Flickr embeds initially interactive - then - turn into a single flat image on reload.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start composing new post
  2. Paste a Flickr album link e.g.
  3. Note that Flickr embed is interactive in preview, including Flickr logo and navigation arrows.
  4. Select “Create Topic”.
  5. See post in view, note Flickr embed is still interactive.
  6. Refresh page

Expected Result

Flickr embed to continue to be interactive as it was in the preview.

Actual Result

Flat image with a click counter after it (if clicked by others)



This is because last year Flickr changed it’s oEmbed API to use “fancy” embed which requires inserting script tags in our DOM, which we don’t support.

This is exactly why we don’t support official Imgur oEmbed:

I updated onebox gem to use OpenGraph instead for Flickr links: