Floating quote button in chat?

A recent Telegram update has caught up with a feature that Discourse Chat has long had (but is not convenient enough yet): quote in chat.


New in version 4.11
• View full statistics in your channels and group chats.

Replies 2.0
• Quote parts of text in replies.
• Reply in another chat.
• Add quote formatting.

Link Previews
• Choose preview position.
• Change media size.
• Select link to preview.

Name Colors
• Change your name color in Chat Settings.
• Customize quotes, link previews and replies to your messages.

Code Blocks
• Add nice looking code blocks with syntax highlighting.
• Copy full code block by click on its header.
• Send a highlighted code block using ```language syntax.

Currently, we have to select the message, click copy, and then paste it into the chat box, which seems like a lot of steps. Since we have a floating quote button for posts (below), would it be great to have such a floating button for discourse chat?


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