Can the quote reply button work more like github's quotes?

I guess this is three distinct feature requests:

  • Any time you pop up the quote reply button let me push the r key activate it.
  • Put the quote at the bottom of my reply rather than where my cursor is. I’ll often leave the cursor in some random spot, maybe in the middle of another quote, while I scroll up to find more of the message to reply to. It’d be nicer to always have the new quote generated at the bottom. I can move it around if I don’t like it.
  • If I triple click on the last paragraph of a conversation I don’t get the quote reply button (OSX, but probably also Linux). I have to very carefully just highlight the last paragraph to get the button. It feels like I should be able to do either.

I’m sorry if these are dupes.


Same is true for Windows 7 with latest Chrome.

It’s been on my TODO for a while now.

The issue is that we already have a keyboard shortcut that’s using r (reply to a post) and they might interfere.

I actually like it better when the quote is inserted where I left my cursor, it allows me to easily add quotes anywhere I want in my post.

Yeah, I tried fixing it a couple of times already, but it keeps breaking… Will have another look but I’m not making any promises.

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We used to do “quote always inserted at bottom” people got confused, now we have parity with uploads and I think it’s a better default… Maybe I could support a user pref for it, definitely via a plugin


I think it makes absolutely zero sense for quotes to be always inserted at the bottom. People expect stuff to go where the cursor is.