Focusing on input in modal on mobiles scrolls the page up and makes the modal invisible

I’ve been able to reproduce this issue for a long time now. To me it looks like a UX bug.

The impact is that it is hardly possible to use modal dialogs in mobile mode, i.e.:

  • split topics, both moving messagins to an existing or to a new topic
  • flag topics with “other” reason and a personal note
  • some other actions

In all these cases, here is what happens.

  1. A modal dialog opens. For example, after I select a few messages in the middle of a long topic and is about to split them into an existing topic

  2. I touch the input to enter the search keyword. The dialog disappears and I can only see the gray background, which is an overlay layer behind the modal and on top of the website.

  3. Because the layout is transparent, I can notice how the page got scrolled behind the overlay.

  4. In order for the dialog to appear again, I have to click on the “Done” button, which is part of my iPhone keyboard. The keyboard then gets hidden and I can see the dialog again, but the input is unfocused.

  5. I touch the input to let it gain focus again. But then 2, 3 and 4 repeats until the topic scrolls up to the very top, so that no more scrolling is possible. The longer the topic, the more times I have to focus / blur the input.

  6. Finally, when there is no more content to scroll to, the dialog will not disappear anymore, and I can do what I intended to.

This makes moderation hardly possible from mobile.


This is a duplicate of the iPad issue, replicable with search in a topic. You better be at the top of the topic, or you are hosed.

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