Follow automatically topics with posts from users with trust level 0

There are several good reasons not to miss a post of a user with trust level 0: check that the content is ok, reply quickly to cause a first good impression…

There is a point where a moderator will not follow all new posts promptly and/or will not remember all existing users by heart. As a moderator/administrator, I think it would useful to have an option to follow automatically topics where a new user has sent a post (opening a topic or commenting).

Why? There is already the “approve all new posts by any user at trust level 0” feature. That’s the same thing. Look for approve unless trust level in Admin, Site Settings.


Not the same thing from the new users’ point of view but ok, this would be stopgap if we see that the average quality of posts from new users is bad. Thank you for the suggestion.

Even if the quality is generally good, if the point is to respond quickly, I’m guessing that option would generate a notification, right?

So it wouldn’t be instant, but you could get to it quickly and then leave a response right away. Seems like a nice touch.


Yes, this is what I meant with not the same thing from the new users’ point of view. In the feature requested moderators could get notifications that would allow them to react quickly newcomers without blocking them from posting. As you say, receiving a quick response would be a nice touch. In the alternative provided, new users would see their posts in the moderation queue until a moderator process them. Clearly not as nice, and for those posting in good faith rather disruptive.

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